Vaata täisversiooni : Abi plaadimängija helipea tuvastamisel.

04-11-09, 17:32
Oleks abi vaja tuvastada üks plaadimängija helipea-ainukesed kirjad peal on Expert http://www.expert.ee/index.php?lang=est&main_id=4 täpselt selline nagu selle keti logo aga selle kuusnurga keskelt käib läbi kiri expert.Sorry aga kuna digifotokat ei ole siis pilte teha ei saa.Lihtsalt huvitab millega on tegu.

04-11-09, 23:44
Kas oleks see firma (http://www.78tours.com/Expert_Stylus_Company.htm)?
Expert is the largest manufacturer of diamond styli in the world, and does a fairly high-volume business supplying replacement styli to everyone from the Library of Congress to rabid audiophiles. Their current price list details 176 separate sizes and shapes of styli, and they can get you anything from an authentic replica stylus for an old 78rpm player from the mechanical age to a complete rebuild of an expensive moving-coil cartridge, exactly to the original manufacturer's specifications.

06-11-09, 21:02
On veel kellelgi infot.:confused: